Crisis of LIS education in Thailand: a survey

  • Sujin Butdisuwan
  • B. Ramesh Babu
Keywords: LIS education, Crisis, LIS professionals, LIS faculty, Thailand


        LIS Education, in 21st century, undergone a paradigm shift than just an incremental development through its theories and practice, caused many uneasy tensions. The paradigm shift is due to invention of technology and its use in library development and services, reflecting directly or indirectly on LIS education. The present study perceived that crisis is the next stage of confusion and hence made an attempt to gather the opinion to derive core factors that are responsible for crisis of LIS education in Thailand, using a structured questionnaire, administered among faculty in LIS and the working professionals, considering a judgement sample of 52 professionals. The core factors of academia are derived based on the literature, they are infrastructure, curriculum, growth of LIS Education, theory and practice, standards/ quality assurance/accreditation, governance, research, title of the LIS course and students’ interest in the LIS course.

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